DIY Escape Room Ideas: Bring the Thrill Home for Unforgettable Gatherings


 Have you ever wanted to recreate the thrill of an escape room right in the comfort of your own home? Imagine the excitement and challenge of solving puzzles, deciphering clues, and working together with friends and family to unravel a captivating mystery. With our DIY escape room ideas, you can turn your next gathering into an unforgettable adventure. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your very own mini escape room, complete with puzzle ideas and tips for crafting an engaging storyline.

Setting the Stage

Before diving into puzzle creation, you’ll want to establish the setting and storyline for your mini escape room. Here are some tips to get you started:

    1. Choose a Theme: Select a theme that resonates with your group’s interests. Whether it’s a spooky haunted house, a daring bank heist, or a mysterious archaeological expedition, the theme sets the stage for your adventure.

    2. Create a Backstory: Develop a compelling backstory that explains why the participants find themselves in this predicament. The backstory adds depth to the experience and immerses players in the narrative.

    3. Design the Room: Choose a room in your home to serve as the escape room setting. Decorate it with props, furnishings, and decorations that align with your chosen theme. The ambiance enhances the immersion.

Puzzle Ideas

Now, let’s delve into the heart of your DIY escape room—the puzzles and challenges. These are the brain-teasers that will keep your participants engaged and entertained:

    1. Cipher and Code Puzzles: Create puzzles that require players to decode messages using ciphers, codes, or even a simple substitution cipher. Provide clues hidden within the room to help them decipher the mystery.

    2. Locks and Keys: Use padlocks and keys to secure boxes or containers containing clues or puzzle pieces. Participants must find the keys or combinations hidden throughout the room.

    3. Riddles and Riddle Boxes: Craft riddles that offer hints about the next step or location. Present the riddles inside locked boxes, and players must solve them to access the contents.

    4. Pattern Recognition: Develop puzzles that involve recognizing patterns, whether they’re visual, numerical, or thematic. Players must identify and apply these patterns to progress.

    5. Logic and Deduction: Challenge participants with logic puzzles that require deductive reasoning. These can include Sudoku-like grids, grid-based puzzles, or math problems.

    6. Hidden Objects: Scatter objects throughout the room that players must find and use to advance. Incorporate hidden compartments or concealed compartments for added intrigue.

Tips for Success

To ensure your DIY escape room is a hit, keep these tips in mind:

    1. Test Your Room: Before the gathering, test your escape room to make sure all puzzles and clues work as intended. Adjust and refine as needed.

    2. Provide Clues: Offer hints or clues when participants get stuck to keep the game flowing smoothly. Balancing challenge and guidance is key.

    3. Time Limit: Set a reasonable time limit for completing the room. Most escape rooms allow 60 minutes, but you can adjust this based on your preferences.

    4. Prizes and Rewards: Consider offering small prizes or rewards for successful escapees, such as themed snacks or a special trophy.

    5. Capture the Moment: Record or take pictures of the experience to preserve the memories and share with participants afterward.

Experience Professional Escape Rooms at Urban Escape Games

If you’re looking for inspiration and want to see how professionals build escape rooms, don’t forget that you can visit Urban Escape Games and immerse yourself in one of our 14 incredible escape rooms! Our professionally designed rooms offer a taste of the excitement and challenge that make escape rooms so popular. Experiencing our escape rooms can provide valuable insights into puzzle design, room layout, and thematic immersion.


With these DIY escape room ideas, you can transform your home into a thrilling adventure destination for parties, family gatherings, or special occasions. Whether you’re exploring haunted houses, solving bank heists, or unearthing ancient mysteries, the excitement, and satisfaction of escaping will create lasting memories and bonding moments for all participants. So, gather your friends and family, and embark on a journey of puzzle-solving and teamwork right in your own home. Get ready for a DIY escape room experience like no other!


The Psychology of Escape Rooms: Unveiling the Thrills and Satisfaction

Have you ever wondered why escape rooms have become a global sensation, captivating the hearts and minds of adventure seekers? Beyond their immersive themes and intricate puzzles, escape rooms tap into the psychology of challenge, teamwork, and the innate human desire for triumph. Join us on a journey through the fascinating psychology of escape rooms, where the thrill of solving puzzles under pressure meets the exhilaration of escaping in time.

The Thrill of the Unknown

Escape rooms are designed to immerse players in unfamiliar scenarios, creating a sense of suspense and excitement from the moment they step inside. This thrill of the unknown triggers the brain’s reward centers, releasing a rush of dopamine, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter. As players navigate through the room, deciphering clues and solving puzzles, each discovery intensifies the thrill, fueling their determination to uncover the next piece of the puzzle.

The Challenge and Cognitive Engagement

Escape room enthusiasts are drawn to the mental challenges these games present. Puzzles range from riddles and math problems to logical conundrums and pattern recognition. Successfully navigating these challenges requires players to engage their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity.

The pressure of a ticking clock adds an extra layer of complexity. Time constraints mimic real-life situations where quick thinking and efficient decision-making are essential. This element of pressure heightens cognitive engagement, keeping players on their toes and focused on the task at hand.

Teamwork and Communication

Escape rooms are inherently social experiences that emphasize the importance of teamwork and communication. Effective collaboration is the key to success. Players must listen to each other, share insights, and work together to crack codes and unlock mysteries. The dynamics of cooperation in an escape room mirror real-world situations, making them excellent tools for team-building and improving interpersonal relationships.

The Satisfaction of Escaping

The climax of an escape room experience is undoubtedly the moment of escape itself. When the final puzzle piece falls into place, and the door swings open just in the nick of time, a wave of euphoria washes over the players. This sense of accomplishment taps into the brain’s reward circuitry once more, releasing a surge of positive emotions.

The satisfaction of escaping an escape room is not just about winning; it’s about conquering a challenge, achieving a shared goal, and relishing the collective victory with your teammates. This feeling of accomplishment can boost self-esteem, enhance mood, and leave a lasting sense of achievement.

Stress Relief and Escape

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, escape rooms provide a unique opportunity to detach from daily stressors. Immersing oneself in a challenging but enjoyable scenario can be a form of escapism. The focus required to solve puzzles diverts attention away from worries and allows players to experience a brief respite from the demands of everyday life.


Urban Escape Games offers an array of immersive escape room experiences that tap into the psychology of adventure, challenge, and teamwork. The thrill of solving puzzles under pressure and the satisfaction of escaping in time create unforgettable memories and lasting bonds between participants.

As you step into our escape rooms, remember that you’re not just embarking on an adventure; you’re delving into the fascinating realm of human psychology. The rush of dopamine, the exhilaration of triumph, and the joy of shared achievement await you. Join us at Urban Escape Games for an unforgettable journey into the psychology of escape rooms. Are you up for the challenge?

Unlocking Adventure: An Immersive Journey through Our Thrilling Escape Room Gaming Business with 2 Locations and 14 Games


Looking for a heart-pounding adventure that challenges your wits and teamwork? Welcome to our exciting escape room gaming business! With three conveniently located venues and an impressive collection of 15 unique games, we are the ultimate destination for those seeking an unforgettable and immersive experience. In this blog article, we’ll delve into what makes our escape rooms stand out, why they’re perfect for all types of players, and how they’re designed to keep you coming back for more!

The Escape Room Experience: A World of Intrigue

An escape room is no ordinary game; it’s an interactive, real-life puzzle-solving adventure. Participants are locked inside themed rooms and must decipher clues, solve riddles, and unravel mysteries to escape within a set time limit. Our escape rooms are carefully crafted to immerse players in captivating narratives, transporting them to different worlds, from ancient civilizations to futuristic scenarios.

Three Locations, Triple the Fun

With three conveniently located venues, we’ve made sure that adventure is never too far away. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a first-timer looking to try something new, both locations cater to players of all ages and experience levels. Each venue features a unique set of games, so you can enjoy a diverse range of challenges in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The Variety of 15 Games: Choose Your Journey

At our escape room gaming business, we believe in offering something for everyone. Our collection of 15 games includes a wide array of themes and difficulty levels, ensuring that each visit is a fresh and thrilling experience. From action-packed quests to mind-bending puzzles, there’s a game to suit every taste.

Engaging Team Building Opportunities

Escape rooms are not just about fun and excitement; they’re also an excellent team-building activity. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a fun outing with friends, our escape rooms encourage effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. The challenges presented in each room are specifically designed to foster teamwork and create lasting memories.

Dedicated Game Masters: Your Guides to Adventure

Our skilled and friendly game masters are an integral part of the escape room experience. They act as guides, offering hints and support when needed, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable time while maintaining the thrill of the game. Their passion for storytelling and dedication to customer satisfaction make every visit to our escape rooms an exceptional one.

Immersive Set Design and High-Tech Puzzles

Step into our escape rooms, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by meticulously crafted sets and intricate details that transport you into another world. From ancient temples with hidden passageways to futuristic laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, each room is designed to be an immersive and authentic experience.

Safety First: A Secure and Enjoyable Adventure

Your safety is our top priority. We meticulously maintain our escape rooms to ensure that every adventure is safe and enjoyable. Our venues are equipped with emergency exit options, and all games are monitored by our attentive staff to provide a secure and worry-free experience.


At our escape room gaming business, we are passionate about creating unforgettable adventures for our players. With three locations and a diverse selection of 15 games, we offer an unparalleled escape room experience that guarantees excitement, team building, and a whole lot of fun! So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues and embark on an immersive journey that challenges your mind, ignites your imagination, and leaves you with memories that last a lifetime. Book your adventure today, and unlock the secrets of our thrilling escape rooms! 



Unlocking Success: The Benefits of Out-of-Office Team Building Experiences for Businesses

In today’s competitive business landscape, fostering a strong, cohesive team is essential for success. While office dynamics play a vital role in collaboration, sometimes breaking away from the routine and engaging in out-of-office team building experiences can provide transformative benefits for both the business and its employees. These off-site adventures not only promote a sense of camaraderie but also enhance leadership skills, improve teamwork, and create a fun and memorable environment. Let’s explore the advantages of out-of-office team building experiences and how they contribute to the growth and prosperity of both businesses and employees.

    • Strengthening Team Bonds:

One of the primary benefits of out-of-office team building experiences is their ability to strengthen bonds among team members. By participating in fun and engaging activities outside the workplace, employees have the opportunity to connect on a personal level, fostering trust and understanding. As individuals interact and collaborate in a relaxed environment, barriers are broken down, and genuine relationships are formed. These strong bonds translate into improved communication and cooperation back in the office, leading to enhanced productivity and a more harmonious work environment.

    • Identifying Emerging Leaders:

Out-of-office team building experiences often bring out the best in individuals, showcasing their leadership potential. These activities allow employees to take charge, make decisions, and demonstrate their ability to motivate and guide others. By observing team members in action during game play or problem-solving challenges, managers and executives can identify emerging leaders within their ranks. This provides valuable insights for succession planning and paves the way for future leadership development opportunities.

    • Fostering Effective Collaboration:

Team building experiences outside the office provide a platform for employees to hone their collaboration skills. By participating in games and activities that require teamwork, individuals learn to leverage each other’s strengths, delegate tasks, and communicate effectively. The experience highlights the importance of listening, respecting diverse perspectives, and working towards a common goal. These skills are transferrable to the workplace, enabling teams to collaborate more efficiently, tackle complex projects, and achieve desired outcomes with greater synergy.

    • Boosting Employee Morale and Engagement:

An out-of-office team building experience injects a fresh dose of energy and enthusiasm into the workplace. Employees return from these experiences feeling motivated, inspired, and valued. The shared memories and positive experiences create a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the organization. By investing in the well-being and happiness of their employees, businesses foster a culture of engagement and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates and increased productivity.

    • Encouraging Creativity and Problem-Solving:

Team building experiences often involve engaging in unique and creative activities that challenge participants to think outside the box. By embracing new experiences and facing unfamiliar challenges, employees develop their problem-solving skills and expand their creative thinking abilities. These enhanced cognitive skills can be applied to real-world business situations, enabling employees to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and generate innovative solutions.

Out-of-office team building experiences provide businesses with a valuable opportunity to strengthen their teams, identify emerging leaders, and foster a collaborative work environment. Beyond the obvious benefits of improved teamwork and enhanced leadership skills, these experiences inject a sense of fun, excitement, and camaraderie into the workplace. By investing in the well-being and personal growth of their employees, businesses create a positive work culture that fuels motivation, engagement, and productivity. So, break away from the office routine, embark on a team building adventure, and unlock the potential for success within your organization.

The Thrilling Adventures Await: Exploring the Atlanta Metro Area Escape Rooms at Urban Escape Games

Imagine being locked in a mysterious room, surrounded by enigmatic clues, and racing against the clock to uncover hidden secrets. This is the exhilarating world of escape rooms, and Atlanta’s Urban Escape Games is the premier destination to embark on these thrilling adventures. With 14 immersive escape rooms spread across three locations in the Atlanta metro area, Urban Escape Games offers an unforgettable experience that combines teamwork, problem-solving, and sheer fun. Let’s dive into the advantages and excitement that await you at Urban Escape Games.

    • Engaging Challenges:

Escape rooms provide a unique opportunity to challenge your mind and test your problem-solving skills. Urban Escape Games’ meticulously designed rooms are filled with intricate puzzles, riddles, and codes, each cleverly interconnected to keep participants engaged throughout the experience. The variety of themes and difficulty levels cater to both novice and seasoned players, ensuring an appropriate challenge for everyone. Whether you’re solving a crime scene, escaping a haunted house, or deciphering a mysterious artifact, every room at Urban Escape Games guarantees an exhilarating mental workout.

    • Team Building:

Escape rooms are an excellent way to foster teamwork and collaboration among friends, family, and colleagues. Urban Escape Games encourages groups of all sizes to work together to unravel the room’s mysteries. As you tackle puzzles together, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are put to the test. The experience promotes effective communication, delegation of tasks, and trust-building, as every member’s contribution is essential for success. Strengthening bonds and developing interpersonal skills are the hidden rewards of this immersive team-building activity.

    • Immersive Storylines:

At Urban Escape Games, the attention to detail is remarkable. Each escape room is meticulously crafted to transport players into a different world, complete with captivating storylines and immersive settings. From ancient temples to futuristic spaceships, the themes come alive through carefully curated props, sound effects, and lighting. As you step into these immersive environments, you become the protagonist of your own adventure, fully invested in the narrative as you strive to unravel its secrets.

    • Adrenaline-Pumping Fun:

Escape rooms at Urban Escape Games offer an adrenaline rush like no other. As the countdown begins, the sense of urgency intensifies, fueling excitement and igniting your competitive spirit. The thrill of making progress and finally escaping the room before time runs out is an incredibly satisfying experience. The joy of conquering challenges and overcoming obstacles with your team creates memories that will be cherished for years to come.

    • Constant Innovation:

Urban Escape Games continues to innovate and introduce new escape room experiences regularly. With 14 unique rooms spread across three locations, the variety ensures that you’ll always find something fresh and exciting. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a first-time player, Urban Escape Games caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s an adventure tailored to your preferences.

Escape rooms at Urban Escape Games in the Atlanta metro area offer an unparalleled blend of entertainment, intellectual stimulation, and teamwork. With their diverse selection of 14 meticulously designed escape rooms spread across three locations, Urban Escape Games provides an unforgettable experience for both newcomers and escape room enthusiasts. Engaging challenges, immersive storylines, and the adrenaline rush of the race against time make every visit to Urban Escape Games an adventure worth embarking on. So gather your friends, family, or colleagues and get ready to unlock the thrill of escape rooms in the Atlanta metro area at Urban Escape Games!

Walton High School Lacrosse Activity Night

Image Description

Urban Escape Games is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Walton High School lacrosse team, and its commitment to supporting the local community. Urban Escape Games recently hosted a player activity night for the team, which included an exciting evening of team challenges and pizza, as well as the opportunity to experience some of Urban Escape Games’ most popular escape rooms.

Image Description
The event was a huge success, with players from the Walton High School lacrosse team taking on some of the toughest challenges that Urban Escape Games has to offer, including the thrilling Pharaoh’s Curse, the tropical Escape From Tiki Island, and the enigmatic Ancestral Quest. The players had a great time working together to solve puzzles and escape from the rooms, and enjoyed some delicious pizza in the party room.

The party room at Urban Escape Games is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion, with its comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that can accommodate large groups of people. It’s a fantastic venue for team events where players can bond and work together to achieve a common goal. The room has all the amenities needed to make a party or event successful, including plenty of space, tables, chairs, and even gaming console for fun while players wait for their turn in the escape rooms.


One of the many great features of the party room at Urban Escape Games is its flexibility. Companies and sports teams can rent the room for their events and can choose from a variety of escape rooms to complement their celebration. The company offers a wide range of escape rooms, each with its unique theme, difficulty level, and challenges to keep guests engaged and entertained. Escape rooms like the Pharaoh’s Curse, Escape From Tiki Island, and Ancestral Quest are just a few examples of the exciting options available at one of the company’s 3 metro Atlanta locations.

Urban Escape Games is committed to supporting the local community and is always looking for ways to give back. The company is thrilled to be able to offer its party room for various events, which allows teams and companies to bond and celebrate together in a fun and exciting environment. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a corporate team building event, or a sports team’s end-of-season party, the party room at Urban Escape Games is the perfect place to make unforgettable memories.

The Walton High School lacrosse team’s player activity night is just one example of how Urban Escape Games enjoys meeting the local community. The company is proud to be a part of the community loos forward to meeting more organizations throughout the year.

So if you’re looking for a unique and exciting venue to celebrate your next event, look no further than Urban Escape Games. Their party room is the perfect place for companies and sports teams to bond, have fun, and work together to achieve a common goal. With a wide range of escape rooms to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Urban Escape Games. Visit their website at to learn more!

Explore the evening’s photo gallery below.

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Introducing Pizza Quest!

Urban Escape Games, an Atlanta-based escape room company, has just launched an exciting new program for sports teams, church groups, and school clubs. The program is designed to reward these groups for referring their friends and family to play at Urban Escape Games, and it’s sure to be a hit with both new and seasoned players.

The new program gives each team their own unique promo code, which they can share with their network. When someone uses the promo code to book a game at Urban Escape Games, the user gets 10% off their booking, and the team earns 1 point towards the goal of 100. Once the team reaches 100 points, Urban Escape Games throws them a pizza party – a fun way to celebrate their success and bond as a team.

So why did Urban Escape Games decide to launch this program? For starters, they wanted to reward sports teams, church groups, and school clubs for their dedication and teamwork. These groups often have strong bonds and are likely to share their positive experiences with others. By incentivizing referrals, Urban Escape Games is encouraging these groups to spread the word about their escape rooms.

But the program isn’t just about rewarding existing teams – it’s also about introducing new people to the world of escape rooms. Many people have never played an escape room before, and the idea can be intimidating. By offering a discount as an incentive, Urban Escape Games is making it easier for new players to take the plunge and try their first escape room. And once they’ve experienced the thrill of solving puzzles and escaping from a room, they’ll be more likely to return for more.

So if you’re a member of a sports team, church group, or school club, be sure to check out PIZZA QUEST,  Urban Escape Games’ team referral program. Not only will you get to enjoy a fun and challenging escape room experience, but you’ll also have the chance to provide discounts to your friends and family while you work together towards a pizza party celebration. And if you’re new to escape rooms, this program is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and see what all the fuss is about. Happy escaping!

Escape Rooms Are For Lovers?

Escape rooms have become a popular form of entertainment in recent years, providing an exciting and challenging experience for people of all ages. For couples looking for a unique and memorable date during the Valentine’s Day holiday season, visiting an escape room is a perfect option. And Urban Escape Games is a great place to enjoy an escape room experience with your special someone.

At Urban Escape Games, you and your date will be placed in a themed room where you must work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape before the time runs out. The challenges are designed to test your problem-solving skills, communication, and teamwork, making it a great bonding experience for couples. The rooms at Urban Escape Games are designed with attention to detail and are full of surprises, ensuring an immersive and thrilling experience.

Visiting an escape room is an excellent way to create new memories and strengthen your relationship. During the escape, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your partner in a unique and exciting way, and you’ll be amazed at the strength of your bond when you work together to overcome challenges. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to spend quality time together, an escape room is an ideal choice for a fun and unforgettable date.

Urban Escape Games has a variety of escape rooms to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your interests and skill level. The rooms range from easy to challenging, so whether you’re new to escape rooms or an experienced player, there’s a room that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for a heart-pounding adventure or a more relaxed and romantic experience, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Urban Escape Games.

In conclusion, visiting an escape room is an excellent choice for couples looking for a unique and exciting date during the Valentine’s Day holiday season. Urban Escape Games offers a wide range of escape rooms that will challenge and entertain you, making it a perfect place for couples to connect and create new memories. So why not book a room today and enjoy a thrilling and unforgettable experience with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Visit to choose your adventure.

New Year, New Adventure: Why Urban Escape Games is the Place to Be in 2023!

New Year, New Adventure: Why Urban Escape Games is the Place to Be in 2023!

As we bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023, many of us are on the lookout for new and exciting experiences to shake up the routine. For those who love adventure and the thrill of escape rooms, there’s no better place to be than Urban Escape Games.

Located in the heart of the city, Urban Escape Games offers a wide range of escape room experiences designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and put your bravery to the test. With themes ranging from surviving while ship wrecked on a remote island to solving a mystery at a space station, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re with friends or with a significant other, you’ll find the perfect escape room experience at Urban Escape Games.

What sets Urban Escape Games apart from the rest is its commitment to creating an immersive and interactive experience for each player. From the moment you enter the game room, you’ll be transported into a world of mystery and adventure, surrounded by intricate puzzles and clues that will put your mind to the test. With cutting-edge technology, expertly designed sets, and an experienced team of game masters, Urban Escape Games is the ultimate escape room experience.

So why wait? Book your next adventure at Urban Escape Games today and start 2023 off with a bang! With exciting new experiences and challenges around every corner, you’ll be sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of adventure, there’s no better place to be this new year.

So, gather your friends, grab your loved ones, and head to Urban Escape Games for the ultimate escape room experience. With the promise of adventure and excitement, there’s no better way to kick off the new year and make 2023 your year of adventure!

Spy Games Are Coming!

Marietta 2 Announcement!

Spy Games Are Coming To Marietta

 Marietta, Dec 23.  We’ve been developing a new game for our new Marietta 2 location at East Lake Pavilion. We won’t give away too much just yet, but it’s a spy-themed room that starts in the belly of a Boeing 747! You are a member of the CIA and your team is tasked with recovery of some of the nations most prized possessions. Keep in touch with us on social media for the official launch announcement!