New Escape Room in Alpharetta

Urban Escape Games has just released a new escape game room in Alpharetta! From the outside, Vinny’s Pizzeria may seem like a normal pizza joint, but the FBI has reason to believe it is simply a front to hide a large scale mafia operation. The owner, Vinny Esposito, is currently under investigation for credit card skimming, identity theft, money laundering, circulating counterfeit bills, and much more. Many of Vinny’s buddies have already been put away in some of the nation’s most infamous prisons, but the FBI needs your help to put Vinny and the rest of his gang behind bars for good!

The Special Agent in charge of Vinny’s case has gained access to his restaurant for one hour, but to prevent blowing his cover, he cannot search the restaurant himself. You and your team of secret agents will need to collect evidence, crack codes, find clues, and investigate everything in the restaurant in order to shut down Vinny’s illegal operation.

Our newest escape game has a twist that has previously never been seen in any of our games. FBI Mafia Investigation has no padlocks. If you have played an escape game before, you probably know that they typically involve opening many padlocks.

When we started envisioning what this game would be like, we wanted to push the limits of technology and blow away our player’s expectations. The result is nothing short of groundbreaking, and it will leave you and your team on the edge of your seat the entire time!

Without your help, more people will fall victim to Vinny’s illegal schemes. Do you have what it takes to bring him down?