Introducing Pizza Quest!

Urban Escape Games, an Atlanta-based escape room company, has just launched an exciting new program for sports teams, church groups, and school clubs. The program is designed to reward these groups for referring their friends and family to play at Urban Escape Games, and it’s sure to be a hit with both new and seasoned players.

The new program gives each team their own unique promo code, which they can share with their network. When someone uses the promo code to book a game at Urban Escape Games, the user gets 10% off their booking, and the team earns 1 point towards the goal of 100. Once the team reaches 100 points, Urban Escape Games throws them a pizza party – a fun way to celebrate their success and bond as a team.

So why did Urban Escape Games decide to launch this program? For starters, they wanted to reward sports teams, church groups, and school clubs for their dedication and teamwork. These groups often have strong bonds and are likely to share their positive experiences with others. By incentivizing referrals, Urban Escape Games is encouraging these groups to spread the word about their escape rooms.

But the program isn’t just about rewarding existing teams – it’s also about introducing new people to the world of escape rooms. Many people have never played an escape room before, and the idea can be intimidating. By offering a discount as an incentive, Urban Escape Games is making it easier for new players to take the plunge and try their first escape room. And once they’ve experienced the thrill of solving puzzles and escaping from a room, they’ll be more likely to return for more.

So if you’re a member of a sports team, church group, or school club, be sure to check out PIZZA QUEST,  Urban Escape Games’ team referral program. Not only will you get to enjoy a fun and challenging escape room experience, but you’ll also have the chance to provide discounts to your friends and family while you work together towards a pizza party celebration. And if you’re new to escape rooms, this program is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and see what all the fuss is about. Happy escaping!

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