Marietta #1 Escape Rooms

Our brand new Marietta location is conveniently located 1.5 miles from exit 267A on I-75 with plenty of food and shopping options within a short drive.

The Cells

Our most popular room not only features many, many unique puzzles specially crafted for this room and several surprise twists that will make for a very unique experience, but it’s also both our largest room and the largest Escape Room in the Metro Atlanta area. At 1220+ sq. ft., this room has the space necessary for larger groups and a more complex set of puzzles to solve.

Little Candy Shop Of Horrors

Candy shops are fun right? Well, this one hides our most difficult secrets that you will have to discover and solve to escape! While this room does feature some creepy themes, there are no jump scares or “haunted house” style elements. Perfect for smaller groups and chock full of delicious puzzles!

The Fort

Trapped inside of a Spanish Conquistador fort, you must find your way out before time runs out…but sometimes just escaping isn’t enough…

The Kings Treasure

An escape room designed and built for children! This room is moderated and has the same duration as most of our other rooms, so you and your friends can enjoy a room alone while the little ones explore the castle filled with lots of stuff to do and puzzles to solve! We’ll even have a prize at the end for the winners!

Combat On The High Seas

While also enjoyable as individual games, The Combat on the High Seas rooms are both side-by-side, allowing larger groups to divide in half and compete through the puzzles to see which team makes it to the end first! Unlike many competitive rooms, which are simply mirrored rooms, our competitive rooms are individually unique while being carefully balanced to allow for fair competition AND rematches!

The Pirates

In this adventure, you are one of the Pirate crew in the middle of an attack by the British Navy. Your captain has hidden gold on your ship and you must find it before the British find it or ship sinks into the depths of the sea.
Can you keep what you’ve rightfully stolen?

The British Navy

In this adventure, you are on the side of the crown, in the middle of an attack on the Pirates’ ship. Their ship’s taken extreme damage and you’re in a race to find the Captain’s gold that’s hidden somewhere on the ship, before the remaining crew can make off with it or the ship sinks into the depths of the sea.