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Tell your friends about Urban Escape Games, they receive 10% off bookings, and for each person that comes to play a game at any of our locations, your team scores a point! Reach 100 points and you’ve earned a free pizza party for the team!

How To Play:

    1. Share your team’s promocode with your friends and family while telling them about how great your gaming experience has been!
    2. When they go to book an adventure using your team’s code, they will receive a 10% discount
    3. Each completed gaming experience that uses your code gives your team a point!
    4. When your team, as a whole, reaches 100 points, you win!
    5. We’ll contact your team leader or coach to schedule your pizza party at the location of your choosing.  It be after a game, after practice, or simply to celebrate the season!


Team Leader / Coach will need to complete the registration form below so that we have a point of contact to schedule your party with.

Points Accumulation: 

    • Points are tracked automatically by our booking computer and are awarded upon the completion of the relative gaming experience
    • Once your team reaches the 100 point goal, the challenge starts over at 0 points. It is possible to continually receive parties throughout the year by completing the challenge more than once.
    • Points can be accumulated over 365 days before expiring.

Pizza can be delivered to any location within the pizza vendor’s delivery area.

Number of pizzas is calculated by the number players on the team using he 3/8 rule and is limited to a maximum of 15 pizzas and 8 two-liter drinks. Drinks are calculated to be approximately 50% of the number of pizzas ordered.  However, additional items may be available for purchase. 

Team Leader / Coach Registration